Erkin Koray - Elektronik Türküler

This is the second full length album by Turkish rock star Erkin Koray, originally released by Doğan Plakcılık in 1974.
Finally given the freedom to record an album instead of being limited to 45 rpm singles, Koray and his band created an album that reflected both his Turkish roots and his love of psychedelic and progressive rock. Elektronik Türküler is widely considered to be Koray's masterpiece by many critics, and many of his subsequent releases followed in this vein, with progressive and psychedelic influences balanced by Turkish folk forms.

Erkin Koray - Elektronik Türküler - 1974
01. Karlı Dağlar (3.35)
02. Sır (2.47)
03. Hele Yar (6.19)
04. Korkulu Rüya (1.28)
05. Yalnızlar Rıhtımı (4.33)
06. Cemalim (7.42)
07. İnat (2.10)
08. Türkü (8.54)
Total Time. 37.28


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