Lightdreams - Islands in Space

Lightdreams owes much of their initial exposure to the tireless efforts of one Annie Goodwyne who at the time managed the fledgling band's publicity campaign, and who spent a number of years promoting Islands In Space and succeeding works. After the Challenger disaster however, enthusiasm for the colonization of space, dropped off dramatically, even though Hollywood would pick up the baton and release Star Trek the Next Generation soon thereafter. 
Currently I remain optimystic that the multi-national space station being built in this 21st Century will revitalize the space program and inspire humanity to continue its fearless forging ahead to this high frontier. Perhaps with wider global input, it will truly reflect the multi-cultural mosaic of people that inhabit this Earth, itself an island in space.
(Paul Marcano / Lyricist, Guitarist and Synthesizer)

From in Canada
Psychedelic / Space Rock
Lightdreams - Islands in Space - 1981
01. The High Frontier (4.36)
02. Islands in Space (5.09)
03. Voiceless Voice (7.42)
04. I Ride the Wind (5.17)
05. Atmospheric Dreams (12.10)

06. Solar Winds (5.07)
07. Farewell Goodbye (4.42)

- John Walker / Lead Guitar
- Paul Marcano / Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
- Tim Moore / Keyboards, Sax
- Cory Rhyon / Acoustic Guitar
- Andre Martin / Keyboards, Echo
- Art Lowe / Bass


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