Cold Fairyland - Bride in Legend

An epic album with a touching story: a young girl's journey to marry a man afar becomes a quest of her own destiny and her life. Deserts, oasis, exotic natural scenes, wars and dreams all emerge in the magical music. Cello, guitar, bass, Chinese flute, pipa, er-hu and zheng blend so well in surreal images that you can no longer tell the East from the West.
From in China
Progressive Rock
Cold Fairyland - Bride in Legend 2004 (Lin Di's Solo Album)
01. Yilang Yilang 依蘭依蘭
02. Marriage 嫁
03. Mountain Song of the High Lands 高地山歌
04. Riddle in the Bronze Mirrors 謎語銅鏡
05. Speechless in Forest 失語叢林
06. A-jia-li-yalai 阿加裡亞萊
07. Love 愛
08. Mula-shabel War 慕拉沙貝大戰
09. Colorless Sun 陽光褪去了顏色
10. Heal the Wounds of Time 療治時間的創
 Total Time. 48.04


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