Emerson Lake and Palmer - Works Volume 1

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Symphonic Progressive Rock
Emerson Lake and Palmer - Works Volume 1 - 1977
Keith Emerson
01. Piano Concerto No. 1 {Emerson} (18:28)
a) First Movement: Allegro Giojoso (9:24)
b) Second Movement: Andante Molto Cantabile (2:12)
c) Third Movement: Toccata Con Fuoco (6:52) 
Greg Lake
02. Lend Your Love To Me Tonight (4:05)
03. C'est La Vie (4:20)
04. Hallowed Be Thy Name (4:38)
05. Nobody Loves You Like I Do (4:00)
06. Closer To Believing (5:34)
Disc. 2. 46.16
Carl Palmer
01. The Enemy God Dances With The Black Spirits (excerpt from "The Scythian Suite" 2nd Movement) {Prokofiev} (3:21)
02. L.A. Nights (5:47)
03. New Orleans (2:50)
04. Two Part Invention In D Minor {Bach, arranged by Palmer} (1:58)
05. Food For Your Soul (4:02)
06. Tank (5:12)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
07. Fanfare For The Common Man {Aaron Copland, arranged by Emerson} (9:45)
08. Pirates (13:19)
Total Time: 87:23
-- Keith Emerson --
Produced by: Keith Emerson
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Keith Emerson / Steinway piano
John Mayer / conductor
Keith Emerson, John Mayer / orchestration
-- Gregg Lake --
Produced by: Greg Lake and Peter Sinfield
Godfrey Salmon, Tony Harris - orchestral arrangements
Godfrey Salmon - conductor
-- Carl Palmer --
Produced by: Carl Palmer except "Food For Your Soul"
Co-produced by: Carl Palmer and Greg Lake
Special Thanks To:
Joe Walsh / guitar and scat vocal on "L.A. Nights"
Keith Emerson / keyboard on "L.A. Nights"
Andy Hendrikson, John Timperley / engineer
-- Emerson,Lake and Palmer --
Produced by: Greg Lake
Arranged by: Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Yamaha GX-1 featured on "Fanfare For The Common Man"
Keith Emerson, John Mayer - orchestration
The Orchestra de L'Opera de Paris
Godfrey Salmon - conductor
-- Album --
Released: March 22, 1977
Produced by: Keith Emerson, Greg Lake,
Carl Palmer and Peter Sinfield
Sound Engineers: John Timperley and Roger Cameron
Cover Design and Artwork by: Ian Murr


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