The Future Kings Of England - The Viewing Point

From in UK.

Psychedelic - Space Rock
The Future Kings Of England - The Viewing Point - 2009


01. Go... (7:36)

02. Sea Saw (7:17)

03. The Cold Hard Truth (1:37)
04. Time Flies Like An Arrow (13:16)

05. Rain Later, Good (2:48)
06. The Viewing Point (12:19)

- Ian Fitch / guitars
- Simon Green / drums
- Karl Mallet / bass
- Steve Mann / keyboards
Releases information
The Future Kings of England third LP is titled 'The Viewing Point'. It's their first full length in two years and it marks a transition in their sound by pushing
towards the new and unexplored. It also finds the group displaying unprecedented maturity and command of their instruments. Guitarist Ian Fitch, bassist Karl Mallett, drummer Simon Green and producer Steve Mann on keyboards have returned to a totally instrumental landscape, taking the listener on an audio trek - from plaintive acoustic interludes to frighteningly dense musical pandemonium. Conceptually 'The Viewing Point' is about a man's thoughts - pondering his past, present and uncertain future as he looks out to sea in his car. The album is self-produced by the band and features their trademark psychedelic sound and interstellar sonics but also grounding themselves in reality. In all, 'The Viewing Point' is an ecstatic aural thrill.


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harry lime said...

wonderful band , heavily underated , go check them out , buy their stuff! cheers amigos