Hostsonaten – Mirrorgames

FINISTERRE’s bass player Fabio Zuffanti released three albums of his own compositions under the name of “HOSTSONATEN”. Symphonic band with the participation of FINISTERRE members. The music is pretty much on that band’s style, a little less classic prog driven. Good flute passages feature on their symphonic music as well.
From in Italy
Rock Progressivo Italiano
Hostsonaten – Mirrorgames - 1998
01. The Dream (24:21)
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
02. Mirrorcloud (8:46)
03. Season of Eve (8:32)
04. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Part II (8:51)
05. There’s a certain Slant ogf Light (2:21)
06. Ellipsis (17:25)
i) Origin
ii) In Focus
iii) Signal
iv) Transparence
v) Twilight Dance
vi) Return
- Fabio Zuffanti / guitars, bass, bass pedals, keyboards, vocals
- Stefano Marelli / lead & classical guitars, choir
- Osvaldo Giordano / keyboards
- Boris Valle / piano, Minimoog
- Marco Moro / flute
- Edmond Romano / sax, recorders, Tin whistle, Bodhram
- Andrea Orlando / drums, percussions
- Claudio Castellini / vocals on ” The rime…”, choirs
- Victoria Heward, Lorendana Villanacci, Marilisa Villanacci, Marzia Sidri / choirs


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