Yes - Drama Tour 1980 Portland

Cumberland County Civic Center
Portland, Maine, U.S.A.
September 2, 1980
disc 1 65:05
01: does it really happen? (cuts in)
02: yours is no disgrace (spliced)
03: into the lens
04: the clap
05: and you and I
06: (do we really have to) go through this?
07: man in a white car suite (Downes solo)
08: we can fly from here
09: tempus fugit
disc 2 45:12
10: auld lang syne > the fish (Squire solo) 
11: machine messiah
12: starship trooper/ encore break
13: roundabout
(while some would rather eat lobster dinner...)
A New England Drama (part 1)
Live in Merry- Go- Round
Pseudophonic Stereo Sound
Yes (sorta/maybe/kinda)
Trevor Horne- vocals
Geoff Downes- keyboards and white hat
Steve Howe- guitar
Chris Squire- bass
Alan White- drums


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