Al Stewart - Bedsitter images

Tapestry of Delights:
             Born in Glasgow on 5th September 1945, Stewart played his first live gigs as lead guitarist in pop/rock band Tony Blackburn and The Sabres, who were fronted by the future dee-jay and based in Bournemouth. Later he relocated to London, began writing his own songs and performed at folk-club venues like Les Cousins and Bunjies. He recorded a one-off 45 for Decca in 1966 but it didn't sell.
             Having signed to CBS in 1967 his debut album, Bedsitter Images, was heavily orchestrated and full of introspective soft-rock songs. This and what followed was certainly typical bedsitter music. The title track to his next album, Love Chronicles, was an 18-minute autobiographical account of Stewart's lost love. The inclusion of the word 'fucking' in the lyrics meant it got no airplay and it didn't sell in any quantities, but it further cemented his reputation in bed-sit land and on the college circuit and it was voted Album of the Year in Melody Maker's Annual Survey.
             Zero She Flies again examined relationship breakdowns and the like. It became his first Chart album, whilst Orange, which wasn't one of his better efforts, marked a break from his earlier folk style.
For Past, Present and Future Stewart worked with an electric band (mostly comprised of Tim Renwick, B.J. Cole, Francis Monkman, Bruce Thomas, Rick Wakeman, Tim Hinkley, Bob Andrews, Bob Sargeant and Dave Swarbrick). Inspired by the book, 'The Centuries Of Nostradamus', it was a concept album tracing historical events. It didn't chart in the UK but its release was almost simultaneous with his first US Tour, where he developed a strong cult following when his next effort Modern Times expanded further. ...
Al Stewart - Bedsitter images - 1967
01. Bed-Sitter Images - 3:20
02. Swiss Cottage Manoeuvres - 3:59
03. The Carmichaels - 2:52
04. Scandinavian Girl - 2:35
05. Pretty Golden Hair - 3:39
06. Denise at 16 - 3:18
07. Samuel, Oh How You've Changed - 4:00
08. Cleave to Me - 2:53
09. A Long Way Down From Stephanie - 3:27
10. Ivich - 4:24
11. Beleeka Doodle Day - 6:57

Al Stewart: vocal, guitar
Alexander Faris - Orchestral Arrangements


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