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Rock Progressivo Italiano
Maxophone - Maxophone - 1975
Maxophone, from Milan, formed in 1973 as a six-piece with an unusual assortment of instruments, due to their past experience as music students.

A band of great talents and musicianship, their only LP, released in 1975, came too late to compete with the most important Italian bands of the genre and went sadly unnoticed.

Maxophone, released on the Produttori Associati label (along with Duello Madre one of the few ventures in rock records by this label) is a marvellous album, full of dreamy atmospheres and complex horn arrangements, with good vocal parts in a Genesis style. The opening C'è un paese al mondo was even released as a single at the time, but they didn't reach the success they'd deserve with a better production and a good label promotion.
An English-sung version was also released to launch the group abroad, but this was an unsuccessful choice, and the Italian version is usually considered better.

The band disbanded after a final single in 1977.
Sax and flute player Leonardo Schiavone had a short collaboration with Stormy Six at the end of the 70's.

A wonderful release to celebrate the memory of such a band, is the From cocoon to butterfly box set, issued by BTF in 2005 and containing a CD with 10 tracks, demo and alternate versions with many unreleased cuts, and a DVD with 4 TV recordings, a new track recorded in 2005 and interviews with all the band members reunited in this occasion. Excellent!

01. C'e Un Paese Al Mondo
02. Fase
03. Al Mancato Compleanno Di Una Farfalla
04. Elzeviro
05. Mercanti Di Pazzi
06. Antiche Conclusioni Negre

Genesis, Gentle Giant, P.F.M.

- Sergio Lattuada - Keyboards, Vocals
- Roberto Giullani - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
- Leonardo Schiavone - Clarinet, Flute, Sax
- Maurizio Bianchini - Trumpet, Vibes, Percussion, Vocals
- Alberto Ravasini - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals
- Sandro Lorenzetti - Drums

  Maxophone (2010)


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