Tempus Fugit - The Dawn After The Storm

Tempus Fugit biography
TEMPUS FUGIT (keyboards, guitar, bass & drums) performs an elegant and elaborated Progressive rock, style, subtly balancing lyricism and South American refinement (like TREM DO FUTURO, ESPIRITU or CRUCIS) with a melodic and instrumental luxury and a romantic Italian sophistication (PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI or LOCANDA DELLE FATE). Those brilliant guitar-keyboard combinations evoke YES at their best, where as the guitar arpeggios remind of Steve HACKETT and the lively parts blending keyboards and guitars get closer to those epic crescendos typical of MARILLION.
After issuing the great “Tales From The Forgotten World”, “The Dawn After The Storm” confirms why there were so many things expected from this band. The music is very melodic symphonic prog with well-developed arrangements and very good interplay. (progarchives)

From in Brazil
Symphonic Progressive Rock
Tempus Fugit - The Dawn After The Storm - 1999
01. Daydream (8:30)
02. The Dawn After The Storm: (8:53)
a) Awakening
b) Walking through the fields
c) Beyond the horizon
d) Homeward
03. Never (6:07)
04. Tocando Você (6:54)
05. The Fortress (5:18)
06. Prelúdio de Sevilla (2:07)
07. The Sight (4:45)
08. O Dom de Voar (6:38)
09. Discover (7:52)
Total Time: 57:18
- André Mello / keyboards, lead vocals, backing vocals
- Ary Moura / drums and electronic percussion
- Henrique Simões / electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin, backing vocals
- André Luiz / bass guitar, acoustic guitar
Special guests:
- Marco Aurêh / flute on "O Dom de Voar"
- Fernando Sierpe / vocals on "Discover"


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