Tonic - This Way

For the late date, this has a remarkably sophisticated sound – similar more to the classic early 1970s Italian prog scene, than anything typically associated with German rock. Complete with choir mellotron, organ, bells, speedy guitar solos, flute, sax and complex meters. When the vocals kick in, I'm reminded of Grobschnitt's "Rockpommel's Land" era. There's also a review on the excellent Planet Mellotron site for this very interesting one off.
From in Germany
Symphonic Progressive Rock
Tonic - This Way - 1980

01. Once  I Had a Dream (8.22)
02. Ask me No More (13.28)
03. Black Boy (5.45)
04. Sometimes (4.14)
05. This Way (4.19)
06. Against the fear of Death (5.52)
Total Time. 
Members. 42.00
- Michael Draskowitsch (saxophones, clarinet) 
- Michael Hocker (drums)
- Uwe Murschel (keyboards, trumpet, vocals) 
- Andreas Taßlack (vocals, bass, metallophone, guitar)
- Roland Schmid (guitar, bass) 
- Andreas Stelzer (keyboards, vocals) 
- Johannes Wenzerrit (guitar, bass)


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