Il Ruscello - Paesaggio Solare (Estate 1972)

Il Ruscello was formed in the Grande Città of London, in England, during the cold and intense winter of 2007-2008. The joy and enthusiasm provoked by the rediscovery of the so-called musical movement Italian Progressive Rock, deeply inspired Silvio, Giampaolo and Luca. So was born, in joy, Il Ruscello.
The three band members have known each other for many Springs, particularly Silvio and Giampaolo who are brothers. Luca and Giampaolo founded and played in the band Unyou from 1999 to 2004, gigging extensively in and around Milan and releasing two demos and an E.P. that were highly praised and critically acclaimed by the national musical press. They later moved to London, initially founding the band Zen State (active from 2005 to 2006) and later u n y o u productions, a music production and sound design company. Silvio, since his early youth, played guitar and drums in several local bands. He developed a deep interest and passion for Italian Progressive Rock and collected a considerable number of albums released in the golden years between 1970 and 1977.
In January 2008 they gathered in Room 16 Studios, in London, listening to the all-time classics from Silvio's collection and getting the right inspiration to write and record Il cielo in un ruscello, Il Ruscello's very first song that aroused the interest of Matthias Scheller, head of the AMS-Vinyl Magic record label and progressive rock connoisseur extraordinaire. In the autumn of that year, Silvio, after epochal life-changes, moved to London and the band rapidly wrote and recorded in succession: Orizzonti, Paesaggio solare (Estate 1972) (which was to become the title-track of Il Ruscello's debut album), the suite La Grande Città (split in two separate songs named La notte di una città and Il risveglio di una città) and the instrumental La quiete. These tracks became Il Ruscello's first album, evocatively titled Paesaggio solare (Estate 1972), translating to Solar landscape (Summer 1972). The album is due to be released in September 2009 by AMS-Vinyl Magic Records. 

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From in Italy
Rock Progressivo Italiano
Il Ruscello - Paesaggio Solare (Estate 1972) - 2009
01. Il Cielo in un Ruscello
02. La Notte di una Citta
03. Il Risveglio di una Citta
04. La Quiete
05. Paesaggio Solare (Estate 1972)
06. Orizzonti

- Silvio Cavallo - (Vox, Acoustic Guitar, Drums)
- Luca Harb - (Guitars, Synthesizers, Piano)
- Giampaolo Cavallo - (Electric Bass, Orchestrations)



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