Naragonia - Carabel

" ...It's pure quality, beautiful dance music, played a bit introvert.

This make their music a real pleasure to listen at home and to dance on at concerts.
Fabulous interaction between the musicians, strong duets between the two accordions, sad violin, great gaita... Naragonia is one of Belgium's best kept secrets, time to conquer the world ! " Eelco Schilder ( over Janneke Tarzan

Naragonia offers you a very personal music with lots of subtle but steady energy.
Not only the dancer, but also the listener will enjoy the universe created by this two musicians. 
Their repertoire is mainly consisting of own compositions.
Naragonia was formed in 2003 on the Andancas festival in Portugal. Quickly Naragonia becomes very popular. 
Their two cd's, very much appreciated by press and media, made their succes grow fast. 

Naragonia plays since than intensively in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Portugal. 
Naragonia played as well several times in Ireland, Brittany, Germany, Spain and Italy.

From in Belgium
Progressive Folk Rock
Naragonia - Carabel - 2010
01. Lente in Laren / Jane's boots
02. Samen op de tractor
03. Tout le temps
04. Voor Ton en Heidrun / Jowan's
05. Kaspar en Stijn / The Griseldas / The chocolate bomb
06. So Fröhlich
07. Charlotte
08. Louis
09. Carabel
10. Olle's atelier / Vive Greg
11. -17°C
12. Couleur canard
13. Dansen in de keuken / Koffie en chocolat
- Maarten Decombel: mandola (1), guitar (2)
- Gregory Jolivet: hurdy gurdy (veille, draailier) (1,4,10)
- Jokke Schreurs: guitar (8)
- Philip Masure: guitar (5)
- Walter Mertens: marimba (3,12)



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