Zyma - Thoughts

 Zyma's second album came about five years after Brave New World, and it is much better. By this time, Zyma had incorporated a lot more jazzier references into their music, becoming a blend of Renaissance, Michal Urbaniak, and Benoit Widemann like styles. The 12 1/2 minute jam "Businessman" is an example of this, a nice Magma-like Rhodes groove over which female vocals and synths lay down parts, occasionally changing its rhythmic structure for the bluesy chorus. It's a really nice piece. Most of the rest of the album are 8-9 minute pieces, the opening title track, "One Way Street," and "Wasting Time;" explore Canterbury references as well as the folky and symphonic Renaissance like feel. The earlier bonus tracks, from before their first album and from the sampler "Proton 1" are in a more Frumpy-like style, even close to Octopus at times, a heavy, slightly progressive hard rock with female vocals. A very nice reissue, one of the better ones on the Garden of Delights label. 
From in Germany
Canterbury Jazz-Rock
Zyma - Thoughts - 1978
01. Thoughts (8:19)
02. Businessman (12:33)
03. One Way Street (8:04)
04. We Got Time (3:43)
05. Wasting Time (9:39)
Bonus tracks:
06. Law Like Love (7:04)
07. Tango Enough (6:01)
Total Time: 55:23
- Günter Hornung / keyboards
- Bodo Brandl / bass
- Meinrad Hirt / vocals, flute, keyboards, violin
- Karl Heinz Weiler / guitars, vocals
- Tim Pfau / vocals
- Udo Kübler / drums 


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