Canned Rock - Kinetic Energy

Legendary in the Clubs and Forces over a ten-year period from 1972 - 1982, archivists of popular music could be forgiven for overlooking Canned Rock. The band members Doug KennardPete Buckby and Don Maxwell served their musical apprenticeship by playing with various bands in the 1960's. As Canned Rock they excelled in playing live, songs that no-one else would attempt outside the studio.
From in UK
Symphonic Progressive Rock
Canned Rock - Kinetic Energy - 1978
01. Fantasia 
02. Captain 
03. Only One That Matters 
04. Love Is Forever 
05. What A Night 
06. I'll Survive
07. Strange Love
08. 1812 Overture
- Doug Kennard 
- Pete Buckby 
- Don Maxwell


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