Ezra Winston - Ancient Afternoons

Ezra Winston was one of the first Italian progressive rock groups of the modern era, and still can be considered one of the most professional and superb. Although the band is still considered active today, they have only released two full albums in their lifetime, and only one has found its way to CD format. The band is led by keyboards/bassist/vocalist Mauro Di Donato and their line up has changed over the years since they formed in 1979.
Ezra Winston seem to have a lot of influences - 70's Italian prog like PFM, BMS, RDM; early British stylings like early Genesis, Cressida or Spring; and a faint nod to the Genesis/VDGG/Marillion axis. 
From in Italy
Symphonic Progressive Rock
Ezra Winston - Ancient Afternoons - 1990
01. The Painter and The King (10:05)
( i. The Arrival of The Painter / ii. Nightmare / iii. The Sentence / iv. Execution / v. Over the Candle-light )
02. Verge of Suicide (9:04)
( i. The Bus Stop / ii. Indifference / iii. Watchman of The Glass Managerie / iv. The Choice )
03. Night Storm (6:07)
04. Ancient Afternoon of an Unknown Town (26:05)
( i. Prelude / ii. Magician's Words /  iii. Interlude (on the March) / iv. Glares / v. Mountains of Munis / vi. The Ambush and The Battle / vii. Interlude (Night on Munis)  / viii. The Dragon and the Ruby of Kos / ix. Postlude )
05. Shades of Grey (4:15) ( Faixa Inedit )
Total Time: 55:36
- Mauro Di Donato / synths, samplers, electric piano, bass and contrabass, acoustic and classical guitars (4), lead and backing vocals
- Fabio Palmieri / electric, acoustic, classical and 12-string guitars
- Paolo Lucini / flute, piccolo, tenor and soprano saxes, noise, wind synth
- Daniele Iacono / acoustic and electric drums, percussion, noise
- Aldo Tagliapietra / bass and vocals (3)
- Cristina Santoni / dark siren's choirs (5)
- Steve Pontani / electric guitars and loops (5)
- Gianni Colaiacomo / bass (5)
- Francesco Berluti, Tony Saltz / trumpets
- Giancarlo Berluti, Giovanni Giuliano, Domenico Sebastiani / horns
- Salvatore Sanseli, Francesco Scalone / trombones
- Augusto Mentuccia / tuba
- Tommaso Guidi / oboe


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