Corte Dei Miracoli - Corte Dei Miracoli

CORTE DEI MIRACOLI is another Italian great that falls into the realm of traditional, keyboard-based symphonic. The band creates a sound fairly similar to BANCO, sometimes heavy, sometimes lighter, usually lyrical, always in the symphonic vein. The music is moderately complex and all members are good on their instruments.
The first incredible recordings from this famous band elaborated tracks with symphonic keyboards and great mixture of progressive elements that combines certain aspects of GENESIS, VDGG and PFM. Corte dei Miracoli's self-titled album has a distinct symphonic prog sound being very melodic and contrasting in writing style with fellow Italians BALLETTO DI BRONZO, BIGLIETTO PER L'INFERNO or CAMPO DI MARTE. (progarchives)
From in Italy
Symphonic Progressive Rock
Corte Dei Miracoli - Corte Dei Miracoli - 1976
01. ...E Verrà L'Uomo (7:00)
02. Verso Il sole (6:34)
03 .Una Storia Fiabesca (6:52)
04. Il Rituale Notturno (7:12)
05. I Due Amanti (13:40)
Total Time: 41:18
- Alessio Feltri / keyboards
- Riccardo Zegna / keyboards
- Graziano Zippo / vocal
- Flavio Scogna / drums, percussions
- Gabliele Siri / bass
Guest Musician.
- Vittorio De Scalzi / guitar


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