It - The Stranger Inside The Self

The first IT album. Written, Production and mised by Nick Jackson. This album marks Nick debut as a lead Vocalist and begins the bands musical journey.
From in UK
Neoprogressive Rock
It - The Stranger Inside The Self - 1994
01. The Stranger Inside The Self
02. I Won't Pray On Sunday
03. More
04. Waiting For The World
05. Until The Children Come Home
06. Something To Say
07. The Last Of November
08. To Have And To Hold
09. When We All Fall Down
10.Round And Round

- Nick Jackson / Vocals and Guitar
Guest Musicians.
- Desmond Lambert / Keyboards
- Chris Stopa / Backing Vocals
- Jane Jelinek / Backing Vocals



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maniacforces said...

may i ask for a re-upload on this one?