Tangerine Dream - Near Dark

From in Germany
Electro Progressive Rock
Tangerine Dream -
Near Dark - 1988
01. Caleb's Blues (3:20)
02. Pick Up At High Noon (4:59)
03. Rain In The Third House (2:59)
04. Bus Station (including Mae's Theme) (8:42)
05. Good Times (2:37)
06. She's My Sister (Resurrection I) (7:22)
07. Mae Comes Back (2:02)
08. Father And Son (Resurrection II) (2:58)
09. Severin Dies (2:50)
10. Fight At Dawn (4:40)
11. Mae's Transformation (4:21)
Total Time: 46:50
- Edgar Froese / keyboards, bass, guitar
- Chris Franke / keyboards, synthesizers
- Paul Haslinger / keyboards, synthesizers, guitar


2 note:

Marcello 'Maddy Lee' L. said...

Caraaaaaaca!! eu já tinha desistido de procurar por esse disco!! rsrsrs E nem é por ser um discaço, porque não é (o TD tem muuuuitos outros muito melhores), mas tem seus momentos; na verdade é porque vi esse filme no cinema, na época, e fiquei amarradaço, acabei comprando a trilha sonora e foiquei viciado (rsrsrs) porque tem uma música que eu adorava colocar como trilha sonora pra jogar um vídeo game de motovelocidade. rsrsrs
Valeu, valeu, valeu, meu camarada!

Marcello 'Maddy Lee' L. said...

Sorry, I thought you were a brazilian...
This is what I meant: I've been looking for this album on the internet for so long that I just had give it up cause I'd never found it. It's not the best album by Tangerine Dream but I really enjoy it because the movie - a road movie with vampires in the 80's is kinda surreal stuff! And there's a song (Good Times) I used to listen while playing a Mega Drive game with motorcycles. Oh yeah, good times!
Thanks a lot!
Sorry for my rust and poor english...