Ardo Dombec - Ardo Dombec

 3.999 stars really. The only reason why this does not get four is that although excellent , this is not a must . This sole album ( and ultra rare vinyl ) is a typical product of those years in germany and there are many examples of this. I would not say this is a typical Krautrock in the understood value ( Guru , AD II , Can , Ash Ra etc.. ) but more of a proto-prog in the style of Gracious , Raw Material etc.... However , this is a typically tasteless cover such as most groups from Germany did for the joke and for the shock - After all this is rebelious R N'R . Provocation was really their thing as this has one of the shortest track ever layed down on vinyl : the 8 second Oh , Sorry that came complete with a loud scratch that made you jump out of the sofa to see what the problem was. For the rest , the music is excellent but slightly sloppy in production and the sung English lyrics are not perfect. Definitely worth a spin but there are other priorities.(Sean Trane )
From in Germany
Eclectic Progressive Rock
Ardo Dombec - Ardo Dombec -1972
01. Spectaculum (4:02)
02. Supper Time (3:19)
03. A Bit Near the Knuckle (4:32)
04. Clean-Up Sunday (6:50)
05. Downtown Paradise Lost (5:52)
06. Oh, Sorry (0:08)
07. 108 (4:36)
08. Unchangable Things?! (5:58)
Bonus tracks:
9. Heavenly Rose (3:54)
10. Open The Door, Open Your Mind (2:11)
11. Young And Strong (3:15)
12. Riverside (4:15)
Total Time: 46:52
- Helmut Hachmann / sax, flute
- Harald Gleu / guitar and vocals
- Wolfgang Spillner / drums and vocals
- Michael Ufer / bass


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