Atria - Boulevard of broken dreams

I don't know how many years. I started to listen to music prog. I'm putting here for about 4 years archival albums. Is there a write of introduction to about these albums. Maybe could be that.

About this album; A neo prog band of new era. Atria is like Genesis, Eloy, Marillion, Pendragon a group. Really a very successful and enjoyable album. This album mainly more symphonic music. If you love neo prog, I'am sure, you'll love this band too.

From in France
Neo-Progressive Rock
Atria - Boulevard of broken dreams - 1992
01. Backside (0:54)  
02. The land of Broken Dreams (9:04)  
03. Lady lea (8:09)  
04. A reason to Be (6:59)  
05. Speedway (Instrumental) (5:20)  
06. The Magic World (8:20)  
a) Dream and Fate  
b) The Miracle  
c) Beautiful World  
d) End of Dream  
07. Escapee (6:51)  
08. Words (Instrumental) (4:43)  
09. Ghost of a Child (9:37) 
Total Time: 59:57 Members.  
- Jean Michel Paci / vocal 
- Martial Urbanc / keyboard  
- David Juvan / bass 
- Gerard Larue / guitar 
- Stephane Pacini / drums 
- Vincent De Toffoli / guitar 


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