Akacia - An Other Life

From USA
Symphonic Progressive Rock
Akacia - An Other  Life 2003
Tracks Listing
1. An Other Life (16:36) 
I) An Other Day 
II) Dust You Are 
III) Your Calling 
IV) I Look Out 
V) No Other Life 
2. Mary (6:41) 
3. Hold Me (11:02) 
4. Journal (22:41) 
I) The High Call of God 
II) Dance of Days 
III) The Visceral Melee 
IV) Weight of Glory 
V) The Beatific Vision 
VI) Mystery 
VII) Sands 
VIII) Insufficient Gratitude
Total Time: 57:00

- Eric Naylor / voice 
- Michael Tenenbaum / guitars, keyboards, voice 
- Steve Stortz / bass guitar 
- Doug Meadows / drums and percussion


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